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cheap michael kors handbags professional installation team, free demolition of the old, free cleaning services, so that consumers experience the era of service 4.0 with efficient, Professional and This summer, Kohler has joined hands with eight well-known people in the field of lifestyle, the first to experience micro-loaded service. Through their experience and sharing, the Kohler micro-home life brought to the new fun brought the With the growing number of second-hand housing in China, as well as the opening of the second child after the policy to improve the housing environment to enhance the demand, now as the main force in the new home improvement market, young People for the pursuit of quality of life More and more urgent, most people hope that through the fine adjustment of household products, which makes the living environment has been greatly improved, therefore, micro-equipment has become very popular nowadays market sought after services. However, in the traditional decoration services, there are many home time insecurity cheap michael kors outlet

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michael kors handbags outlet online the installation effect is not guaranteed, the process is not standardized, no clean-up services and other issues, in order to help consumers solve these problems by Kohler new micro- Loaded service with the most Fast delivery within 48 hours, delivery installation synchronization in place, standardize the professional service process and other characteristics, but also equipped with a free move floor, free demolition of old, free clean-up of three free value-added Services. On the basis of ensuring quality, consumers can according to their own family needs, free to choose their own micro-installed products, the real enjoyment of professional services to bring the efficient experience. Eight lifestyle celebrities, eight different micro-installed Kohler This invitation, including the famous writer Qiu Wei, sports commentator Ji Yuyang, one's food station director Wenlin, including eight lifestyle areas Daren, they were different living backgrounds, living environment, from the single nobility to the newlyweds michael kors bags outlet

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michael kors handbags outlet Or living in the family among the fashionable hot mom, who have different home improvement needs of people, in the full experience of Kohler Its tailor-made micro-installed services, with their share of experience to consumers to share the real micro-experience 'I usually spend a lot of time in the bathroom space, but suffer from their own decoration' white ', the service is also very picky, so I always want to upgrade,' said Ms. Qiuwei, a well-known writer who Has been working in Shanghai and Beijing for a long time. Home of the bathroom products have been slow unsuccessful. Kohler micro-equipment to help me in the extremely difficult to care of the old apartment in Shanghai to replace the constant temperature shower and water Purifier.Master in accordance with the agreed time to the product to the home, and are unified dress, self-provided shoe covers and rags, to help me after the completion of the garbage away, the home is not dirty .This intimate service, Give me a reason to go home every day. michael kors factory outlet

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